Born Jerusalem, Israel

1984-1988     Visual Art studies , Wizo-Hadassa, Haifa

                        graphic design, illustration, animation, drawing, etching

1989-2006     Director, Arad-Yairi Design Studio

                        corporate design, illustration for magazines,

                        illustration and design for cultural projects etc.


Group exhibitions:

2016                 “splittings”, Wet-Fired,  The 8th Biennale of Israeli Ceramics,
Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv. Curator: Dr. Eran Erlich

2016                  Aya in the Fountain, “Hamifal”, Empty House Group, Jerusalem

2015/16            “Quest – clay and photography”, Beit Binyamini, Tel Aviv ; Tel Hai Museum

2014                “A chair”, carriage 322, Empty House Group, Jerusalem

2013                “Land”, guest work in Yuval Yairi’s exhibition, ZCA Gallery, Tel Aviv

2013                “Vision feminine”, The First Station Gallery, Jerusalem

2013                Group exhibition, Read Contemporary, Dallas USA

2013                “Wonderland”, Bundestag, Berlin. Curator: Shirly Meshulam

2012                “Bat Zion”, Artist’s gallery Mevasert Tzion. Curator: Naomi Tanhauzer

2012                A Pioneer, “Kibbutz”, Empty House Group, Jerusalem

2012                “Wonderland”, Artists House, Haifa. Curator: Shirly Meshulam

2012                “Nomansland”, Petach Tikva Museum of Art

2012                “The Muse”, Mamila, public sculpture exhibit, Jerusalem

2011                “Visit Nomansland”, Art event, Jerusalem

2010                “The Joy of Clay Figurines”, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv

2010                “Figurina no!”, The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

                        Curators: Dina Kahana Geler and Maya Muchavsky Parnas

2009                Group exhibition, Amiad Gallery, Jaffa

2009                “Self Examination”, High Touch Gallery, Herzlia

2005, 2006      “Public works”, The Train Theater and Salamanca, Jerusalem

Solo exhibitions:

2011                “Synecdoche”, Zadik Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv


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